Foundation Talks at Feltham Youth Offenders Institute

The Rob Knox Foundation TrusteesRob Knox Foundation talks by Sally at Heron unit Feltham Youth Offenders Instsitute as part of their Victim awareness module

Snippet of feedback given to the IPSOS Mori survey from young offenders

Now I realise it [behaviour] has affected other people…it’s the spur of the moment when you do it [getting into trouble]… you don’t think about it when you are doing it and it’s after when you’ve thought about it you say ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ ”

“When I first came here I thought, yeah, I will come out and do exactly the same things [offending] but they have changed my views since as I can see that I wouldn’t be able to get away with anything so I might as well just…start over.”

“My view’s definitely changed since I have been on here [Heron] because everyone has been more towards stopping re-offending but on other wings no one cares…on here everyone is just trying to help you and support you.”

The foundation has also some very successful positive feedback from school presentations.  Please see some quotes below.

‘I don’t think our pupils could have been given a more important message in such a powerful way.’


‘From your speech, I have learnt to always be safe and if you see someone that does not look right, stay away from them.’


‘I am happy to have met you and I have learnt about the consequences of gun & knife crime.  From your story I have found that you must always be aware of anything that is happening.’


We believe by talking to as many children as possible, if just one child make the right choice it could save another teenagers life. Our aim is to lobby the government to make education on street violence compulsory in all schools.

We also are campaigning for mandatory sentencing for being caught in possession of a knife.

If you would like to work with the foundation to help raise awareness on the issues of knife crime and street violence please contact us here.

About Sally Knox

Sally is Rob's mother and co-founder of The Rob Knox Foundation. Her main role is to oversee initiatives that will make a lasting difference in the war against knife crime in the UK.

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